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If you are considering joining the Ocean Beach Woman's Club, please join us for one of our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday every month at 5:30 p.m.


All meetings are held in our Clubhouse at 2160 Bacon St. in Ocean Beach.

Membership Options



$72 (annual)

Active Membership

Attendance at meetings and committee participation required (see below).



$144 (annual)

Sustaining Membership

Attendance at meetings and committee participation encouraged, but not required.



$1,400 (one-time)
Lifetime Membership

Attendance at meetings and committee participation encouraged, but not required.


Our Committees

After you join, you will get an invitation to join our organization on Slack (a messaging app that can be downloaded on your mobile device or used on your desktop). Slack is our main communication channel, and what you will use to officially join your committee of choice (instructions will be sent on how to complete this after joining).

Events and Activities Committee

This committee plans, coordinates and helps promote all our clubs events and activities. Duties include: -Creation and coordination of events and activities for club members -Work with the Promotion committee to spread the word about events through local resources and online platforms -Make sure someone is available to open the club for regular events Committee Requirements: Members of the events and activities committee should expect to attend the club's events and activities whenever they are able to.



This committee plans and executes social media, web presence, communications and outreach for purposes of promoting the Club. Duties include: -Website maintenance and improvement -Calendar management across multiple platforms -Instagram/Facebook posting and engagement -Facebook event management -Nextdoor posting and event management -Meetup posting and event management Committee Requirements: Time commitments will vary depending on the scope of the project, platform and time of year.

OB Kite Festival Committee

This committee plans and coorinates the Annual Ocean Beach Kite Festival in partnership with the Kiwanis Club. Duties include: -Event planning, coordination, and execution -May include event-specific social media -Volunteering day of the event Committee Requirements: Interest in community events and kids activities, plus organization and event execution skills. More information about the Ocean Beach Kite Festival can be found by visiting:

Hospitality Committee

This committee coordinates the operations of our general meetings. Duties include: -Plan theme, snacks and decorations then prepare day of the general meeting -Set-up tables and chairs before the meeting, and clean-up at the end with the help of other members -Offer support to other committees as needed ​Committee Requirements: Be available to set-up and clean-up the Clubhouse on the day of our monthly general meetings. Each committee member will be selected as the ‘Leader’ for one meeting during the calendar year.



This committee looks for possible grants, writes and submits grants to fund some of the needs, ideas and projects of the Club. Duties include: -Research -Written commuication -Organization and follow-up skills Committee Requirements: Time commitments will vary depending on the Grant.

House and Grounds Committee

This committee plans and executes improvements and makes long range plans directly relating to the Clubhouse and Garden. Duties include: -Manage the care and maintenance of our Clubhouse and grounds -Keeps a “Wish List” of important projects and improvements that need to be made -Manages supplies and routine needs for the Clubhouse and garden Committee Requirements: ​Time commitments will vary depending on the scope of the project that is being undertaken.



This committee aims to increase and sustain club membership. We are all about keeping and growing members. Duties include: -Manages membership data entry -Sets goals for new ways to bring in members -Leads as a club advocate in the community -Writes notes and reaches out to new and prospective members -Helps members join and be active in committees -Sets up membership table at meetings Committee Requirements: Available to attend monthly general meetings.

Meeting Programs Committee

This committee plans, organizes and facilitates programs for our monthly general meetings. Duties include: -Participate in brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas for future meetings -Ensuring programs run smoothly at general meetings ​Committee Requirements: Ability to develop engaging meeting activities and communicate with other committee members.

Philanthropy and Social Justice Committee

This committee supports our Club's long history of volunteering! Duties include: -Organize and implement volunteer opportunities for all our members to participate in -Set goals for fundraising for other nonprofits -Plan events big or small to generate funds to donate -Manage and distribute funds to nonprofits -Research and decide what organizations would benefit from our fundraising efforts ​​-Teach our members about how our beneficiaries are making a difference Committee Requirements: Ability to organize and set goals and either plan events or work with other committees to hold events.

front of clubhouse

Board and Chair Members


Faren Shear, President 
Katherine Benson, 1st Vice President
Arlene Fink, 2nd Vice President
Gloryanna Post, Historian 
Donna Titus, Treasurer
Jenny Brengelman, Secretary

Committee Chairs

Christine Freemam, Events and Activities Committee
Jenny Brengelman, Grants Committee
Amanda Cherrey, Hospitality Committee

Val Tuck and Tanya Joy Brueckner, House and Grounds Committee

Lita Kleger, Meeting Programs Committee

Shannon Duncan, Membership Committee

Karen Froehner, OB Kite Festival Committee

Paula Boyd and Michelle Schultz, Philanthropy and Social Justice Committee
Amanda Cherrey, Promotional Committee

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